Welcome to our new website, we have put a lot of work into it so we really hope you like it! The site is all new from the bottom up and inside out, with many new areas that are interactive, informative, and most of all useful.

The new site is fully responsive and can be viewed across a multitude of computer screens and mobile devices.  Just like a garden it needs time to grow and bloom, so in the next few months you will see it gradually develop further. We do hope you will make lots of return visits and we would really welcome your comments and suggestions.

As always the website includes the necessary links and content required of a Botanical Gardens but we have also included some additional content that will provide you with plenty of interesting and practical detail and advice that should entice you to return again and again.

Here’s a brief overview of some new features that we have put together to date, but just remember there is plenty more to come:

This section of the site is a “what’s happening” feature spot that will show off what’s currently looking fabulous at the Gardens and worth checking out before you miss it. It includes feature articles on what the Gardens does best like some of our core initiatives, as well as the spotlighting individual plants and other botanical’s which are worth checking out at that time. We will be updating this on a fortnightly basis once the site has been up for its month long introductory period, so please come back and check it out regularly.

We will also include an area that will feature articles of interest from our extended backyard across the state, as well as special articles from other Botanical Gardens throughout the nation and worldwide. Our first feature article is based on the truly amazing Gardens by the Bay project in the beautiful city of Singapore, it has been said that this development fits easily within the proverbial seven wonders of the modern world. It is a special story from one of our staff members who had a personalised tour of the site earlier this year.

If you are a user of Google Views/Maps you may already have seen that the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is featured prominently. There are more than 90 sphere views available for the web explorer which provide unprecedented 360 degree views of various points within the Gardens. Each view also has arrow links that connect the web viewer with the next closest view, in other words providing the user with a virtual tour of the Gardens. This is relatively new technology and allows you to view up to 60% of the Gardens online and we will be adding new views into the future eventually covering the entire site. We will be adding quick links from our web ‘Virtual Tours’ site page to each of these views, so stay tuned.

If you have visited the Gardens in the last 10 months you might have seen some cameras in various areas of the Gardens including one near the top of one of our tallest trees. These are part of a project to bring live views of the Gardens from various points of interest, but don’t worry they are programmed to take in the glorious wide sweeping views of the site and not to snoop on the visitors. These will be used to provide live webcam that can then be viewed through this website. This will be a unique tool for the prospective visitor, weather watcher or the web based tree spotter. By the way if you are patient and lucky you may also glimpse a close up of a passing possum or a cheeky bird in some of the high branches.

Don’t forget our well established Facebook site and the amazing imagery that we have on our Flickr site. More updates to come!

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We are so excited!

Spring Community Festival 2011 - Morning image. People walking around displays.