The RTBG is a highly modified and artificially managed environment. The amassing of the overall botanical collection since the early 19th century, which now forms the basis of the RTBG’s values, demonstrates a high degree of technical achievement in the establishment of over 6,000 species, varieties and cultivars of plants comprised of a diverse range of species exotic to Australia and Tasmania as well as those that are indigenous to the State, held in 42 identifiable collections.

At the broadest over-arching level, the living collections form the raison d’etre for the Gardens. The values of the Gardens in toto, including the living collections, are described in this Section and include:

  • remnant natural biological values;
  • cultural values including Aboriginal heritage values, historic heritage values, landscape values and sense of place values;
  • recreation, tourism and education values; and
  • conservation and research values.
Tasmanian Community Garden
Japanese Bridge
Chinese Collection