At 14 hectares the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens are easily viewed over the course of a relaxed day. If your time is limited, you can tailor your walk to encompass your personal interests.

For instance, if you want to take in the Garden’s most significant cultural heritage landscapes and major iconic trees the walks above the Lily Pond (6) would be rewarding and could be coupled with a visit to the Gatekeepers’s Cottage (29) and the Gardens heritage walls, the Arthur (31) and Eardley-Wilmot (42) Walls.

If you want to learn about Tasmanian Plants, walk through the Tasmanian Section (5) then take a look at the Fern House (23) (which focuses on Tasmanian ferns). Visit the Greater Hobart Garden (4) to look at our local flora. You should also add the Subantarctic House (9) to experience the closely related flora of wind blown Macquarie Island. The Gardens Visitor Centre (1) is home to the Botanical Shop and our display gallery houses interesting displays and exhibitions year round.

The Botanical restaurant is a perfect place to relax and take in vistas of the Gardens and the river while enjoying a meal.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens from the Air
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