The Friends Mixed Border is located at the foot of the historic Eardley Wilmot Wall, running north to south. It incorporates the plantings surrounding the Fuchsia House, and features a lengthy rose arbour dedicated to the Forgotten Australians. High performing roses are planted throughout all the beds; scrambling along wall trellises, archways through the historic wall and on individual tripods. Complimentary plantings are chiefly perennial with beautiful spring bulbs included. The display is stunning throughout the year but especially so in the spring and summer months.

This development is made possible by individual plant sponsorship and a $15,000 donation by the Friends of the RTBG. The funds were raised by the voluntary efforts of the Friends, including propagating and selling plants, giving guided tours and other fundraising activities.
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mixed border view to water

Eardley Wilmot Wall

Friends Mixed Border archway

Rose arbour

Eardley Wilmot wall with climbing rose

Arthur Wall