Our Vision

To be internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in southern hemisphere cool climate plants, and to enrich Tasmania’s social and cultural environment

Our Mission

To manage, conserve and enhance the RTBG by delivering sustainable and relevant programs in plant collections and displays, tourism and recreation, cultural heritage, research, and learning for Tasmania and the broader community.

Our Values

The principles and values that underpin the Gardens’ operations are:

  • Sustainability
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Fair dealing in commercial and community service
  • Social and environmental consciousness
  • Scientific inquiry and integrity
  • Public accessibility and responsiveness
  • Staff involvement in planning and programs
  • Recognition of, and assistance, for Friends, volunteers and supporters
  • Administrative efficiency and accountability
  • Respect and recognition for employees and all other stakeholders.

Strategic Goals

The eight strategic goals have been defined to achieve the vision and mission of the RTBG.

Goal 1 To ensure the RTBG is internationally recognised for:

  • southern hemisphere cool climate plants
  • cultural landscape
  • Aboriginal and European heritage

Goal 2 To achieve excellence in horticultural and botanical education, research, training and extension programs

Goal 3 To communicate the relevance and importance of the RTBG, its programs, people and context through meaningful and valued interpretation

Goal 4 To be a recognised deliverer of quality programs, products and services

Goal 5 To be a community leader in sustainable environmental programs

Goal 6 To deliver innovative, proactive and sustainable business practices to support and enhance RTBG programs and resourcing

Goal 7 To reposition as one of the top Tasmanian attractions in terms of number visits and level of awareness

Goal 8 To provide a safe and enriching work and social environment for staff, stakeholders and visitors