Our Vision

Create and maintain an exceptional Garden that enriches Tasmania’s social and cultural life, showcases and contributes to the conservation of the flora of Tasmania and educates the community about the importance of plants.

Our Mission

We sustainably manage the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, conserve and develop our living collections and heritage, and create and deliver an exemplary and enlightening visitor experience and thriving organisational culture.

Our Values

In achieving its vision and mission, the RTBG is committed to a range of values that will guide its operation.  These include:

  • Sustainability
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Fair dealing in commercial and community service
  • Social and environmental consciousness
  • Scientific inquiry and integrity
  • Public accessibility and responsiveness
  • Staff involvement in planning and programs
  • Recognition of, and assistance, for Friends, volunteers and supporters
  • Administrative efficiency and accountability
  • Respect and recognition for employees and all other stakeholders.

Our Goals

  • To promote the Gardens and engage with the Tasmanian Community.
  • The strategic management of thriving living collections.
  • A quality environment that provides an exemplary visitor experience.
  • Partnerships that deliver maximum value for the Gardens.
  • Our people and culture deliver a quality visitor experience.
  • A sustainable, self-supporting enterprise.