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Volunteers provide valuable support in a range of areas within the RTBG working alongside qualified and experienced professional staff. Volunteers provide a complementary rather than competing set of skills, focusing on tasks that would otherwise generally not be undertaken or assist staff with their tasks. Volunteers contribute in a number of ways including as guides assisting visitors at the front gate and information HUB, tour guiding, plants sales and working in some other areas of the Gardens. Annually these wonderful people provide around 10,000 hours of time to RTBG projects representing a cost benefit of approximately $450,000 per year to the RTBG.

There are a number of volunteer groups including the ones listed below (Please note; volunteer spaces are limited and vacancies may NOT be available in all areas).

Specialist volunteer guides, front of house and explorer guides always required for rosters throughout the week. Training provided.

Community Garden volunteers harvest fresh fruit and vegetable from the Tasmanian Community Food Garden. This produce is then prepared and distributed to the needy throughout the state. Harvesting takes place every Thursday.  Each week around 5 – 10 volunteers contribute half a day.

Growing Group is a group of volunteers who contribute their time to growing and propagating plant material here at the Gardens.

Specialist horticultural volunteers include specific horticultural interest groups such as the Begonia, Orchid and Growing Friends groups. There are several groups, each with between 5 and 20 members.

Scientific volunteers / Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre (TSCC) / Orchid Conservation Centre (OCC) – TSCC volunteers contribute time and expertise around the state. 95% of all seed germination testing is carried out by volunteers. OCC Orchid conservation research program is entirely run and managed by volunteers.

For more information about volunteering opportunities, please contact 03 6166 0451.