Lily Pads
Lily Pads with people looking at the ducks

Recent times on the Lily Pads

This area has a long history at the gardens. This popular garden area has evolved from its initial functional use as a reservoir collecting rainfall runoff from the Domain in 1848, to being a display garden largely of water loving perennial plants surrounded by large established conifers from early planting of the Gardens in 1870.

Visitors marvel at the monstrous leaves of Gunnera manicata, the winter sweet smelling Luculia pinceana, and the water lilies that the ducklings scoot over. This beautiful garden has a variety of plant combinations for all seasons, an amazing sight all year round!

There are lots of photographic opportunities, spaces for formal and informal gatherings, with seating to take in the views, and winding paths that little and big kids can explore.  A platform over the pond and the bridge provides visitors with the opportunity to get close to the water and enjoy the garden from differing vantage points all offering great photographic opportunities.

Pond with Boat in late 1800's

Pond with Boat, Mid 1890’s

image of pond area late 1800's

Pond with Fern House, Mid 1940’s