What’s in flower this week? The great spring gardens are gradually being coaxed from their winter sleep, and only the late winter flowering plants are currently showing their style.

One plant in particular at the moment is the Magnolia Campbellii, after Scottish botanist Dr Archibald Campbell. Campbell’s Magnolia, as it is commonly known was first introduced to cultivation via Kew Botanical Gardens in the mid 1800’s. It is a magnificent Magnolia and like many other deciduous Magnolia’s it flowers before its leaves appear. It loves a moist, well drained, organic matter rich soil on the acid side but hates dry conditions, poor drainage, possums and late frosts that tend to damage the flowers.

Check it out next to the crossroads down from the RTBG Anniversary Arch and opposite the Floral Clock.

Hurry, the flowers will not be around for long.

magnolia campbellii from a distance showing the tree canopy