The WaterSense Gardening series was funded by Taswater, in partnership with the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It is kindly provided below with permission from Taswater.

Xero Water Gardens

Tino and Marcus explain which plants are best adapted to local conditions and will thrive without additional watering.

Practical Mulching

Expert tips and tricks on mulching your garden. What types of mulch are best for you, how do they work, what are the pros and cons of a well mulched garden bed?

Practical Mulching fact sheet

Lawn and Order

Transform your lawn from an expensive, time consuming burden into a sustainable, cost effective and environmentally friendly show piece.

All Fed Up

The best solutions for feeding your plants.

Swale me away

 Discover the art of swales and how these unique, attractive and easy to construct structures can add value to a garden landscape.

No brainer container

A practical and hands on exploration of potting mixes and fabulous water saving tips for container-based plants.

No Dig Jig

No dig gardens are a great way to garden sustainably, improve your soils and save water and money.

Done Dirt Cheap

How you can make sure that your soil is taking in the water your plants need.

Plant Design Tips

Water-saving plantscape design tips.


Finding the best water savers for your garden.

Secret life of soil

Beneath the surface of our soil is a secret world of amazing life!

Propagating Xerophytes

How to propagate your own water efficient plants from cuttings.

The Greater Composter

Compost is the best way to save water in the garden.

Biospheres: The forgotten art of terrariums

The ideal example of a sustainable and resource friendly ‘pocket’ garden.