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Virtual Garden and Sphere Views

In 2014 as part of the Plant Hunter community project, the RTBG in conjunction with its partners commissioned the production of a series of 91 sphere view images of various feature points throughout the Gardens. Each image was specially photographed to produce a complete 360 degree view allowing the user to interact with the image on a computer or mobile device. It is similar technology to that of Google Street Views and all of these views can be accessed through our Virtual Tours menu or through Google maps.  The views are all linked through arrow chevrons that appear on the image as you roll over it, or touch the image on screen, thus producing an online tour of some of the prime areas of the Gardens.

Additionally we have also built a a complete virtual tour of the Tasmanian Native section which also includes onscreen links to further information on plants including Tasmanian specialty plants such as the magnificent Huon Pine and some of our other rare and threatened species. A great interpretation guide and fantastic educational resource for schools.

Acknowledgements: Skyavenue Photography

iPhone App

The RTBG’s first iPhone App was launched in 2012. As with the majority of the RTBG projects, the App development was undertaken as a partnership, in this case a very special one, with a 12-year-old techno whizz App developer, also an RTBG enthusiast, called Sebastian O’Halloran.

Since that time the App has proved an excellent tool for engaging visitors, although it was only intended as a first stage pilot which was to be followed later by a more comprehensive development. We are currently in discussions for a version 2.

To download the original RTBG iPhone, free app go here.


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Social Media

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Wireless at the Gardens

We are currently finishing a full wireless NBN network here within the Gardens that will be accessible to visitors. Please stay tuned for more details soon.