Citation: Wood, J.A. (2017).

RTBG Germination Database (June, 2017).

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  • Interpreting the Germination Database for Home Use How do you apply the laboratory based results of the Germination Database in the home? Read this to find out what the test conditions suggest you should try.
  • Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre plays a central role in the conservation work of the RTBG. In the following pages we describe seed centre’s origins, it’s partners and what the seed centre does and why. We also provide a bit more background on the Germination Database.
  • Seed Germination Tests at the TSCC How are seed germination tests conducted at the Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre?
  • What is Germination? Every viable (living) seed has the potential to become a plant. For this to happen, the seed must germinate. But what is germination?
  • What is Seed Dormancy? The subject of seed dormancy has been actively researched for at least 100 years, and has been known to exist for far longer. However describing exactly what seed dormancy is can be troublesome.
  • Acknowledgements and Disclaimer Acknowledgements for those involved in the development of the Seed Conservation Pages and Disclaimer for data provided by the TSCC Germination Database.