The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is a not for profit organisation operating for the people of Tasmania. Part of this responsibility is to manage and care for this wonderful community treasure and with that also undertake much needed conservation and planning for future generations of people.

Part of fulfilling this obligation requires the Gardens to generate a significant percentage of its own funding.

The Gardens have developed outstanding and mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of corporate sponsors.

Sponsors can become associated with particular attractions or events at the Gardens, or with key projects and displays. Benefits can be tailored to suit your company’s needs and to offer genuine business benefits.

Please contact the Gardens administration on 03 6166 0451 for more information.

The Gardens are currently seeking partnerships to help deliver a number of projects including:

  • 200th anniversary projects
  • Tasmanian rainforest experience
  • Lily pond project
  • Front gate experience
  • Living learning centre and surrounds
  • Arthur wall interpretation project
  • Children’s garden
  • Development of the Gondwana collection
  • Foreshore redevelopment
  • Lecture series linked to Living Collections
  • Bicentenial RTBG history book
  • Art installations

A great example of corporate sponsorship is the partnership between the Gardens and Nekon Pty Ltd:

Nekon Powering the Gardens

Nekon Pty Ltd has provided significant funding and support to the RTBG enabling the installation and set up a solar energy system for the Gardens. This system will focus on providing clean renewable energy for major attractions such as the Sub Antarctic Plant House. The result of Nekon’s contribution is a significant reduction in the running costs of a number of the Gardens collections.