Welcome to the Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre's Germination Database. The germination database holds data generated through germination testing on seeds held in our collections. Tests have mostly been run by the TSCC but data has also been generated from tests run by the RBG Kew's Seed Conservation Department and also the University of Tasmania's School of Plant Sciences.

As the Seedbank's work is focused on the preservation of Tasmania's wild flora the database holds little information on the germination behaviour of cultivated garden plants.

The database currently holds 6924 completed germination tests conducted on 1036 of collections, representing 829 different taxa. As the Seedbank is still in its infancy species coverage is still rather narrow but this will naturally increase with time.

Currently you can search for germination data either through plant family or genus. Simply select a family or genus you are interested in and press the report button next to it. This will generate a PDF file for downloading.