NEKON Solar Panel Projectimage of solar panels on RTBG depot building 2015

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Major Sponsor Nekon Pty Ltd sponsored the purchase and installation of 161 solar panels to help reduce the Garden’s power costs into the future. The solar supply company PowerCom designed the system and took it through the approvals process to gain Council authority and utility approvals before installing it.

The solar panels were placed on the roofs of the restaurant, nursery, staff crib rooms and the large depot building that houses the seed bank, supervisors’ office and maintenance workshop. The depot building roof holds an impressive 70 solar panels, all part of Nekon’s commitment to valuing environmental sustainability in its support for the Gardens.

The installation and the final commissioning were completed in early June 2015 at a cost of $62,000. The system will deliver savings to the Gardens of up to $15,000 per annum on current power costs.