The Japanese garden was designed by Kanjiro Harada, a landscape architect from Yaizu, Japan, Hobart’s sister city. The Garden officially opened in 1987. It emphasises traditional Japanese garden elements of wood, stone and water. This project involved a reciprocal Australian garden design project for Hobart’s Japanese sister city. The plants in the Garden largely consist of species native to Japan and selected cultivars, with Japanese maples a feature, particularly in autumn. The waterway with its associated tea house, waterwheel and bridges, acts as a focal point for the central plantings.

It’s beautiful in every season, with cherry blossom in spring then irises and water lilies in summer. The stunning Japanese maples put on a dazzling display in autumn, followed by the winter tracery of their bare branches. There are numerous conifers of all shapes, sizes and colours plus a plethora of Camellias and Azaleas that have abundant flowers from June till September.

The garden is a popular location for weddings and photographs (see below for details).  It is a relatively secluded spot in the Gardens and a great place for relaxation and contemplation in a busy city.

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Cherry Trees in Flower, September

Zig Zag Bridge, May

Please try the virtual garden view below. Just run your curser over the image to get the arrow chevrons, click and hold to move the image around, or click to move from one area to the other.