On Saturday 10 November, there will be a free family Jurassic Picnic at the RTBG, which will include huge life size dinosaurs roaming through the Gardens, as well as special guided tours, children’s activities and even dinosaurs Show bags.

The aim of the event is twofold – to raise awareness of the upcoming Dinosaur exhibition at TMAG which they have been promoting as well as celebrating the Royal Society’s 175th anniversary and the RTBG’s 200th anniversary and the long relationship between the two organisations.

In addition to the Dinosaurs roaming during periods throughout the day, there will be guided walks conducted by representatives from the Gardens, the Royal Society and the Herbarium including topics on:

– When dinosaurs lived

– How they evolved into birds

– Plants dinosaurs ate

– Where you can find dinosaur plants in Tasmania.

The event runs from 11am – 2pm on Saturday 10 November and is free.

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