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A great day was had on Sunday May 28th celebrating the annual Botanical Gardens Open Day at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG).

The event is in its second year and is an initiative of the Botanical Gardens Australia and New Zealand BGANZ association, of which the RTBG is a founding member. Botanic gardens throughout Australia and New Zealand scheduled special events and activities for the day, highlighting the amazing work that botanical gardens do every day of the year. The science and conservation, the learning and public engagement, as well as the amazing horticulture, are some of the important roles provided by these Gardens.

In Hobart the weather report for the day initially looked bleak with rain and possible snow on Mt Wellington. But in the end the grey skies and cooler temperatures could not dampen the spirit of the many people who showed up to partake in the various free guided walks that were on offer. More than 100 people attended the event activities throughout the day and the public feedback was wonderful.

We are all looking forward to the next Open Day in our bicentenary year 2018. Keep an eye out for more news on activities in 2018.

History tour 2 BGANZ Open Day

History tour  BGANZ Open Day 2017








THE EVENTS OF THE DAY for May 28th 2017

Get inspired by the professional experts of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and discover the many hidden gems, quips and curios of Australia’s second oldest Botanic Gardens.

Why not make it a day and celebrate the great work of Botanic Gardens across Australia and New Zealand.

A gate entry donation to the Gardens is always appreciated

(All sessions start inside the big iron gates at the main entrance)

10:15 am – Icon trees of the Gardens
Did you know that some of the older trees in the Gardens are nearing 190 years old, and some of the biggest trees are over 40 meters in height. Learn about the stories and history behind some of these amazing plants on this engaging walk with Gardens Interpretation and Community Manager Marcus Ragus.

11:00 am – A short history of the Gardens
Not only are the Gardens the second oldest in Australia they also have some of the most unique built heritage, and they are a place of many ‘firsts’. The first successful European honey bee colonies, some of the very first pineapple crops and  Australia’s most unique convict wall, the Arthur wall. This specially designed heated wall has some incredible tales within its bricks and mortar, of superintendents, governors, gardeners and cabbages. This and lots more on this fascinating tour with Gardens Interpretation and Community Manager Marcus Ragus.

11:45 am – Tasmania’s unique flora
Tasmania is adorned by a rich, diverse flora that comprises over 1,800 species of plants, many of which are found nowhere else on earth! Come for a stroll through the Tasmanian Native Section with Native Plants Curator Chris Lang, to discover a selection of these remarkable plants and learn about the incredibly diverse range of habitats they occupy in the wild.

1:00 pm – The subantarctic collection and the Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre
The Gardens subantarctic collection is the only one established in Australia and the work surrounding this has been a significant feature of the Gardens conservation programs. This together with the incredibly important Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre make up some of the principle science areas within the Gardens.  Learn more about these and the other world leading work undertaken onsite; presented by the Gardens Horticultural Botanist, Natalie Tapson. Natalie has recently returned from several months on the subantarctic Macquarie Island, undertaking valuable plant conservation work, and she has lots of stories to tell.

1:45 pm – Birds of the Gardens
Are you a budding twitcher or just a casual lover of birds? No matter what’s your specialty you will enjoy a wander through the Gardens with the Gardens Horticultural Botanist, Natalie Tapson who is also an avid bird specialist. The walk will encompass areas of the Gardens that are usually frequented by a number of bird species. People are often surprised by the fact that the Gardens has an incredibly diverse bird population with many interesting and rare species making it their home. If you are really lucky you might even see the Tasmanian masked owl, who knows?

2:30 pm – Hobart’s local plant treasures – Dave Marrison
Discover the amazing diversity of Hobart’s local native plants with Horticulturist and team leader David Marrison. Identify the rare and the unusual, the bizzare and the facinating and learn how to establish your own special piece of Tasmanian flora.


10am – 2:00pm – Paper making activities with plants
Lot’s of fun with paper making activities that use local plants and recycled materials with Maree Bakker from the Environment Protection Authority. Learn how to use recycled paper fibre to make hand-made paper, and decorate with botanical materials.  Hands-on and appropriate for all ages. No need to book this session just drop in throughout the hours above.

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